Visualizing Linear Programs with GILPΒΆ

GILP (Geometric Interpretation of Linear Programs) is a Python package that utilizes Plotly for visualizing the geometry of linear programs (LPs) and the simplex algorithm. It was developed for the course ENGRI 1101: Engineering Applications of Operations Research at Cornell University. Furthermore, it is part of the forthcoming book by David B. Shmoys, Samuel C. Gutekunst, Frans Schalekamp, and David P. Williamson, entitled Data Science and Decision Making: An Elementary Introduction to Modeling and Optimization.

This site contains multiple tutorials as well as the full GILP Documentation. If you are new to linear programming and the simplex algorithm, we provide a breif Introduction. It is recommended to start with the Quickstart Guide which includes installation instructions and a tutorial. If you are interested in developing on GILP, see Development. Lastly, Examples contains mutliple example visualizations created using GILP.